Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Rainbow

I have learned to let a lot go. Where once my rules did not merge from BLACK is BLACK and WHITE is WHITE off the "walk a straight line" path, now my line looks alot like that person who had a little too much to drink, walking a YELLOW line at 2:00 AM.

 When I looked at the RED 3:53 digital numbers (telling me - hey, why you lookin' at me so early on Saturday morning?! Go back to sleep and girl - you need to fix your hair!) - because my dog barking - (I don't care if your hair is fixed - LET ME OUT!) for the second day in a  row at this ungodly hour, and I thought... here we go.

I laid in bed thinking, trying to not wake Gracie, since I could not go back to sleep.  I know that shocks most of you. Nothing good starts with me thinking.  :)  I watched, at a little before 7:00, the sun start to rise and cast an ORANGE glow across the sky and I was renewed in spirit, and thought ~ today is the day. I am going to do what I love to do. Today is the day everything is going to start to fall into place and I am taking my life back from the GREY ghosts that haunt me.

Then I got out of bed.

Reminds me of this saying....
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I had high hopes of everything going as peaceful as those few hours of reflecting were. I was going to blog. I was going to wrap presents. I was going to mark SO many things off my list!! Finish SO many task.  It was going to be all RAINBOWS and unicorns - I just KNEW it!

7:30 I was ready. Guns blazing, I was typing, and the computer "Lost it's connection".

7:32 The DIVA awoke

7:45 The dogs got into a fight, the little one ran under my computer chair to escape as the BIG one charged. Rolling chairs being hit at a running speed by a 70lb dog do not fair so well. Even with a XXlb woman sitting in it.

8:00 I am still trying to get off the floor as said waking me up too early, knocking me out of my chair, now thinking I am playing with him, dog is licking my face, and holding me down apparently having the BEST DAY EVER!! .

8:30 Three Blog sentences later, the Diva comes and says, "Mooooooooom. When do I get on the compuuuuteeeeeer???!!" 

9:30 I am STILL am only 3 sentences in because of computer crashes and with the progression of my day, am no longer feeling so GREEN and skippy, so I have lost the urge to write.

10:00 Diva simply comes to the door and says "UGH!!" And stomps off with BLUE smoke coming out her ears.

10:30 Diva says "Seriously?? You are being SOOOO annoying"  Hello??? Annoying is writing THREE sentences from constant interuptions!!

10:45 I give Diva her Christmas present early - a new IPAD - knowing it would gaurantee I would not see her the rest of the day. Except for the every 5 minutes for the rest of the day of her coming and saying - "You are the best mom Ev-veeer" Set up delayed my computer for about 30 minutes. Then another 30, because I thought, Let's go ahead and set up Noah's too!!

11:00 Remember that dog who is on my very short list at this point?? He now comes in soaking wet, smelling like he just jumped head first in a sewer and continued to have the BEST DAY EV-VEEER. HE thought it was hilarious to attempt to try the "dump mom out of the chair" trick again and shook that GREEN and BLACK sludge EVERYWHERE.   I swear he smiled when the Diva and I both started heaving.

11:05 I learned what it feels like to wrestle a bear by giving him a bath, while trying to not throw up.

I shall skip ahead of cleaning sludge up, playing "chase" with the dogs who thought if they couldn't wrestle me, they would play with my sons wrestling men, AND I was JUST getting my blog re-opened from the site crashing over that next couple hours. It caused me to have visions of a 5lb CHOCOLATE bar that we had delivered to work from a client on Friday. I was so stressed during this period, I could and would have eaten the whole thing if I had it. Only good thing - the few hours of peace from Ty, the BIG dog, being in his cage, because he couldn't tear anything else up in there! (insert evil laugh) And I took this time to wrap Christmas presents. Look so Pretty under the tree!

2:00 Noah gets his IPAD.

2:25 Noah breaks his IPAD.

2:35 Mom blows a gasket at the non English speaking operator at Apple. (It shall be replaced by 14 days) MI NO HABLA ESPANOL!!

2:45 Noah comes to inform me that Ty has torn up his bed and the stuffing was everywhere in the laundry room. Wet, dog slobber stuffing all over my clean, fresh GAIN clothes. Sigh...

3:30 A candle breaks and caught the table cloth on fire.

3:35 Gracie comes out of her room and says "Are you cooking again?!"

4:00 I am on a ROLL ~ my page is up. Blog is almost done.....and I hear...."MOM!!!!!"

4:02 Noah and Gracie both are running outside, Ty is standing in the kitchen with his ears and tails tucked...and Noah is screaming "Ty threw up all in the Christmas Tree!!!" PINK food, all
AND the presents I DID wrap!
Not a big deal..Right??? I will just pick up the tree skirt, take it outside and shake it out, then wipe down the branches...its OK. I got this.

4:05  Pointer - When picking up a PINK throw up stained Christmas Tree Skirt, do not forget there is a hole in said Christmas Tree skirt.  I threw dog food all over the living room. 
Still ok. I still got this!!

4:15 I vacumm the living room. SO much easier than trying to pick it all up. SO EASY.

4:20 I go to take the canister off to dump it in the garbage and right when I lift it out - The seal breaks on the vacumm and I throw DIRT and PINK dog food AGAIN all over the living room.

4:21 I DON'T GOT THIS!!!!

5:00 Computer crashed - again. My Blog is gone. AGAIN.

6:00 Noah informs me he doesnt know where his wrestling men are..there are some missing. We ensue on a 30 minute hunt.  

Gee, I wonder what made the dog sick???? 

Skip now time.   Blog is done, the living room only has one cardboard tube from an IPAD that needs to be returned,  torn to shreds all over the living room, (breathe 3,2,1), and I am going to snuggle with my babies and watch a movie with a big bowl of BUTTERY popcorn. 

SO my day didn't go as planned. One might think I accomplished nothing.  Or that I NEED to be the person walking a double yellow line at this point.  But as I look back on my blog, I see that I got my rainbow after all ~ just not the kind I was thinking of. Its all just a Jennifer Day. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Tomorrow though, I am just going to lay in the bed and eat a bag of Skittles. I am not taking any chances.

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