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I'm not going to say much. There simply isn't anything to say really.

My daughter and I are recovering from the flu.  Eight, long, agonizing days and we decide we want solid food. Solid in the form of Cinnamon Rolls.

"Woo-Hoo, Pillsbury Dough Boy?? Where are you??"

 Sadly, he was no where to be found to work his magic from a can.

Never Fear - Pinterest is here!! I found these Hocus Pocus Buns that sounded so tasty. Made with
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Crescent Rolls
  • Marshmellows
When I went to the actual sight they were called Resurrection Buns. Sweet story to coincide with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Perfect for a Sunday School Lesson!) The white marshmellow to symblify the body of Christ as it goes into the tomb (roll). Then as the roll bakes the marshmellow disappears - just like Christ rising from the grave.

Perfect for my first meal,  as I HAVE been screaming OH SWEET BABY JESUS for the last eight days at wanting to sumcomb to the evil of the body aches, fever, chills, nausea, ...  you get the picture. 

I even had all of the ingredients! Well, ok, minus the sugar, because I am a mean mother and only use Stevia, but I had brown sugar. I will go ahead and throw out this disclaimer too - the marshmellows were left over from Noah's party - still in the unopened bag. I KNOW I will be accused of them being left over from Halloween, but NOT the case. HA!

My review -
  • simple
  • fast
  • delicious

RECIPE -  2     JEN - 0

Because no amount of Hocus Pocus magic saved me. "Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, I am sorry for what I did to your body." Amen.

Paula Dean's Biscuits

In my search for a biscuit recipe, I came across Paula Dean's. I know, "Who doesn't have a biscuit recipe?"! It's on every Bisquick box!

I wanted the PERFECT, NO FAIL, biscuit. Angel's singing ~ biscuit.

Do you not think Paula Dean when you think of angels singing over food? :)

I find this recipe and think, "Sounds easy enough,  12 Minutes cook time, Difficulty: easy." 

I got this. My kids, who LOVE buttered biscuits, were gonna love me! I just knew it!

THAT is how they were supposed to look.
THIS is how mine looked.

Not bad, right? 
Well, let's just fast forward.
We were sitting around the kitchen table, discussing my recent attempts in the culinary arts, and I noticed the kids were not trying their biscuit. It just kept sitting there staring at me, causing me to giggle non stop. I couldn't wait for them to try it!
I asked my son, "Why are you not eating your biscuit?"
He informed me that he would, but needed to know if I put butter on it. Which caused me to burst out in a mountain of giggles. No, I did not add more butter to it!
He picked up the biscuit and put it in his mouth in one fell swoop. Immediately he sprayed it across the table all over his sister. I am laughing so hard as he is screaming "Why did you make do that?!"
Now let's rewind to the "Not bad, right?"
People, I couldn't even lift them out of the pan without them crumbling.
Disintegrated with one touch. How he ever made it to his mouth, I don't know.

Sorry Paula. I owe you and your biscuits an apology. Not even butter could have saved that disaster.
Recipes: 1  Jennifer: 0


  1. Don't feel too badly about it, Jen. I've tried several of Paula Dean's recipes that didn't turn out very well. I have a great recipe that I tried that worked out perfectly. I'll send it to you and promise it will work out perfectly! Not even you could mess these up. :)

    1. Where have I heard that before??? LOL

  2. A Day in the life of my Jenn! <3