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When I was looking for a bedroom suit, I could not find one that I liked.


I searched store after store trying to find the perfect one. I felt a little like Goldilocks.

This one is too HIGH.

This one is too low.

This one has a foot board.

This one is too heavy.


I can not STAND making a bed around a foot board. HOW do you ever get the skirt to hang right?  I had to be able to move it by myself to clean behind, under, and around it.  I didn't want something everyone had. Not that too many people get see my bedroom to say "Hey! I have a bed like that!".  I am just not one to follow the crowd.  I also feel like someone should walk into a room, especially yourself, and say "ahhh, this is me." I could not find  "me".

That is exactly how I came to find my new "bed". My father and I were walking through Home Depot, after yet another trip to the paint department - red is a hard color to paint! - and mid stroll, I stopped and heard the angels singing as a halo of light encircled my prize.

My dad stood there, shook his head, and said "Oh no! I know THAT look. But why are we looking at fences?"

That's right - a wood panel of an outside privacy fence! THAT was me. I can't find a picture of mine exactly but this is something of what it looked like before.

I didn't care how crazy the person at the counter looked at me when I said I needed to order a "bed" - I had a vision! My dad was quick to tell him that I could turn anything into something!

I love thinking outside the box!

I painted the white "wicker" part first in case there were any mistakes, I could sand it off. Then I put two coats of stain on. When that dried, I applied a coat of matte varnish to make it easier to clean, and protect it. 

We measured and marked the wall with chalk so that we could line up the bottom of the panel to where I wanted the height to be at. It took three of us to do this because of the weight ~ so you will have to enlist help! We found studs in the wall because this is one headboard I didn't want to be falling off and hitting me in the head! That's right ~ I planned the room around the "Stud". HA

We anchored it and simply screwed it to the wall.  Ta-Da! That simple!

The actual bed is just a frame, but together it looks better than anything else I could find!

It's me - and Guitar's and Tiki Bar's.

No Place Like Home

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