Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not COOL Robert Frost!

This morning I got a phone call from someone down on their luck.

"I'm tired of pulling all the weight"
"I can't keep doing this"
"I don't make enough money"
"I can't get a better job"
"If I left my job I wouldn't get a better one, even though I am not happy"
"If he would just support me"

I get it. I've been there. Yet, I DON'T get it. 

Do you say - "Hey, let's spend all this money that we have spent all year making to go on this very boring vacation?"

NOOOOOO !!!!  You make the most of it - to have the most fun possible.

So why do you do that with your life? Let me say that again.



Don't make excuses for not living your dreams. You are the only one who gets to walk that path. No one, or nothing, should dictate YOUR happiness.  No one promised it would be easy. No one promised it would not be scary.  The unknown is a pretty scary place. But happiness is deserved for every person who truely wants to reach for it. Work for it.  Don't make excuses of why it wouldn't work. Find ways to make it happen. Should you find yourself not happy, choose a different path. Happiness is waiting for you to find it.

How do others acheive it? By doing it. Even when they fail. You have to get up. Get out. Do it. Go down that path less traveled. Don't make excuses for your life.

Now a word from our Kid President.  He knows! We were made to be awesome.

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