Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Start

I decided to start a blog for all of you who continue to get amused by the daily in's and out's of my life. Why you all love to read my crazy ramblings I do not know but I am so glad I have someone to laugh at myself with. Laughter helps make the world go round! I guess that is why mine spins out of control most days because laughing is something I can't seem to stop.

In truth, I get on my own nerves by my incessant laughing. It is something I do when I am happy, nervous, sad, and sometimes even mad. It seems to be my best friend, for I do turn to it for everything. I recommend it for any situation as it cures just about every ailment.

I know there will be plenty to share so if you are willing to laugh and sometimes cry with me - jump on board. I promise it will be a hilarious ride!

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